Everyday Thang

Everyday was almost the same thang
’cause it’s all about survival of the fittest

What you are about to hear will portray the image of a young black male living everyday life in the ghetto today. So Bone, drop dat.

Live like a hustla
‘Cause I ain’t with bein’ broke
I’m rollin’ dope
And I’m bound to let the gun smoke
I’m gettin’ richer everyday because I’m selling crack
And yo police ain’t jack
So I just wait to pull the trigger back
I sell a twenty, a ten, and I won’t let you slide
I need all ten, and I ain’t takin’ nine ninety-nine
So how you figure you’re gettin’ up around the Bone?
You try to gank you catch some blows to your damn dome
Don’t take no shorts
that’s why I’m climbin’ to the top
and everyday I sell a thousand dollars worth of rocks
Yo ain’t it funny
the way the Bone will make his money
and won’t get caught because the cops to me ain’t nothin’ but dummies
So what you need?
I’m servin’ Everything is straight
I mean it’s great, and now I’m rollin’ heavyweight,
and coppers hate to see me come up off the ‘cane
and makin’ ends to Biz is like an everyday thang

I hit the floor, and now I’m lookin’ for my khaki pants. I looked around and couldn’t find ’em so I put on Stan’s, and then I headed to the closet for my Fila shoes. They lookin’ hit ’cause I was runnin’ from the biggy-blues [siren]. That’s when I headed out the hizzy and jumped in the smug, and put my skully on my head, and now I’m lookin thug. Car souped up. Posse seven deep. Now we gettin loose. Well since we posse’d up we might as well go get the brews. I bust a u-turn on the Clair, so we can rush the store. We need a case, or maybe two, or maybe three or four. Pay for the brews, up in the smug, and now we getting buzzed. I be like, “Word up cuz,” brushin’ on my peach fuzz, looked for the party cause there’s lots of women to be grabbin’, we went on (?) to the one Ali was havin’. We stepped up in it, pumped as hell, and yo, it wasn’t lame, and gettin’ brewed to Layzie Bone is just an everyday thang.

Load up the pistol, ask Layzie for a couple clips, and get the twelve-gauge, cause I got another lick. Round up the posse, call up James, Wish, and double-Zs, my nigga Tone, Big Stinga, you know we scorin’ keys. I heard the dread’s sellin’ some dope, it’s comin off the lake, down at the dock, and yo, it ‘posed to be at eight. So hurry up, we getting paid, no matter what the cost, and since they thinkin’ they all that, they gotta take a loss. They can’t hang with the Bones, get it in your head, forget a dread, I’m leavin’ all those suckas dead. We on the scene, I must admit, Hoop Phi’s drunk. They started slamin’ those dreads like a power dunk. I mean, blastin’ and crashin’, K-Bone is the assassin. I started sprayin’, and count out caskets. We got the dope, and we got rich, but yo, we still the same, and it’ll never change, ’cause it’s an everyday thang.

Call up your posse, chump, and yo, and you will never win it, because my organization, see, we got fifty million niggas in it. You wanna scrap? Come on, let’s do it. We can get it done. It’s kinda funny plus I’ll show you that I’m not the one [I ain’t the one]. You stupid bro, now what you ball up your fist for? Make you think we was buckin’ and capped you down with my pistol. A dirty move, yo, Layzie had the sucka fooled. Yeah, it was cool. They shoulda had the boy schooled. You messin’ with a brotha, Bone. Yes it’s good to go. I beat on niggas everyday, so, yo, I’m not a ho. So gimme P’s if you see me walkin’ down the street, because I can’t be beat, known for breakin’ niggas teeth. I’m droppin B’s, and you never catch me chill and calm. I hang with Vicki when I wanna drop the damn bomb. See all my fellas, and even the Bone, we is insane, and throwin’ blows on foes is just an everyday thang.

Yeah, Layzie Bone up in the house, you know what I’m sayin? I gotta give some P’s up to my homies that’s still doin them everyday thangs with me. I gotta say what’s up to my brother Stan Howse, Vicki da Bomb, Wish Bone, Bizzy Bone, and Krayzie Bone, my boy Tony Tone, Old Mo, and the troublemakers in the house for these funky productions, and yo, K-Chill’s in the house, too, so bus tickets, G.

‘Cause it’s all about survival of the fittest.