Dead And Bone

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony nigga
It’s the new and improved Bone Thugs-N-Harmony nigga

When we ride, we ride, we ride
And we roll, we roll, we roll

Ever since my days as a youngin’
I been in the streets thuggin’
Runnin’ wild no good in the hood tryin’ to hustle
But I never understood livin’ life in the lane
Movin’ fast bringin’ pain to (?) touch it
Yeah I wanna spend my life livin’ it up
A double double with a Henny yeah I’m fillin’ it up
But that’s the old me yeah I’m really givin’ it up
But overall I’m the same but I’m still in the cut
So let me change my ways for the many of us
That represent the real America
We get hush
Oppressed and left for death (?)
The money power over real niggas see that love
As long as we in here we can persevere
Do it better than we did it last year
Smash for the cash the past as it written
Never drag never lag never have no fear
It’s a magical year
And I’m glad you was here
Never bear witness to the swag in the air
If you mad I don’t care
I’ma back on the Clair
None of y’all can compare to thugs to these squares
Unaware we can be
Can’t see where you goin’
Trying’ to make through the blizzard but it just keeps snowin’
Young me on the block that the (?) told him try to do the right thing but I couldn’t keep focus
Took a couple of L’s before I even really noticed
I was walkin’ around lost with the world on my shoulders
And I got a little older and I got a little colder
And I finally found out what it means to be a souljah
Lettin’ go of the past
Here for the present
(?) with the Lord as my weapon
The media askin’ ’em bullshit questions
Smile for the camera while I’m countin’ my blessings