Everyday Thang

It’s an everyday thang when you let your nuts hang
My niggas they never change
Me kickin’ it with me gang
and remain the same
So follow me now see
Off to the double-glock and
Hear pistols poppin’
Buckin’ them bodies with shots man

Thugstas put ’em all in body bags
Thugstas niggas deal when I’m mad now
Thugstas gotta pump slugs
Fuck bustas
‘Cause I never did love ya
Nigga my niggas will break your neck
Nigga tryin’ to disrespect
Nothin’ but killas and trues I rolls with
We’ll cut ya
So fuck ya
East Ninety-nine is where you’ll find us chillin’ but
Nigga, what’s up
Nigga, wanna get bucked
Nigga, wanna get drug
Nigga, really wanna get fucked up
Pump pump put ’em in the trunk
Now watch ’em fall down to the pavement

My niggas just say when
And now I’m runnin’ with pump
Let the gauge kick bang
To the brain puff puff
Got me feelin’ lovely
But I need more bud see
Finna slang me dummies
I got the pump to put on the mission for money
Think ya better run
I got the gat before flippin’ with big shotguns
Now they hung
done strung by they nuts
hey now say now
we comin’ to swang them thangs

But before we go
Bust a left and I hit the liquor store
Hit em up economy 6-4’s is frozen

Little Layzie rollin’ up with me thugstas and hustlas
‘Cause nigga me never no busta
Addicted to my niggas
Forever we bail
And Flesh be the bigger brother
With nothin’ to lose
Forever we trues
And nigga Bone comin’ to get ya

Better not test the Ripsta
comin’ mo’ sinister
buckin’ me pump pump in ya
All of my niggas bang bang
Nigga never been no thang to slang swang
get ’em up me buckin’ reload
really though wet ’em all and bang brains

Pap pap
Stay strapped with a gat
And I’m comin’ to let my lead off
Ready to roll when the shit gets set off
Finna get gone when I blow your head off
They loss
Forever the fifth dog
Nigga that dog keep maulin’ ’em all

Y’all fall
Down for the brawl
Takin’ off them draws
And hangin’ them balls
In Cleveland watchin’ my back
When I’m bailin’ through my city
‘Cause nigga it ain’t the same
Gotta good aim
But I smoke and maintain
Man crept and we came
Doin’ everyday thangs

And I won’t caught up
brought up
Outta the cut with sawed-offs
Nigga that doubt that pap pap every time will fall
If ya’ll are startin’ this heartless darkness days
Run but I can’t escape my ways

Pullin’ the gauge
In a raid
he’s slayed
RIP just slipped right back in a daze
Yes Flesh
put ’em to rest
Let’s test
feelin’ the pain
runnin’ this game
insane to the brain
remainin’ the same
still doin’ them everyday thangs

It’s an everyday thang when you let your nuts hang
Buckin’ them bodies with shots

Killa me killa
Poppin’ in me clip in
We come to kill you


Come again me killa
We kill ya