Strictly For My Grind

Sippin on gin
Fuck juice
A hundred percent brew
The gankin’ for my bankin’ keeps you shankin’ wit a deuce-deuce
So easy when me pull me lead up
No mutts allowed
When you see me nigga keep your head up
No need to bow
We say fuck you now
Let loose the strays and I get ’em
Bet you’ll catch ’em forget ’em
Snatch AK’s and I lit ’em
So speed ’em up dont catch the buck and don’t you fucks with me
Eazy-E on the gank move
I ganked you so easily
Fools slipped up
Now who’s got they dick up your shit
Flipped the script
slipped a Lil’ RIP and set trick

Stack sneakin the gun, Im blastin up in your car so
The Glock Glock goes pop
And I might drop the bombs disaster when I’m rollin’
I keep the gun I’m holdin in a me trench and
Don’t mention I’m a lunatic click
Runnin’ me dick in
They cock
They plot
Say who know when
But me be buckin’
That’s right I chop
Maybe the punk who calling my bluffing

Ya dead
Hum dum
When the RIP pump that pistol grip
Thugged out on a 187
Where the niggas they get they temple split
Hit ’em up get ’em up
Nigga dont get caught runnin with them hoods and
Be nothing but thugs and slugs and drugs
Be running off in my hood and nigga dont fuck with the Glock Glock
Gotta drop for the pop of the buckshot
You see me hangin and bangin and naming
Nigga dont test, that gauge’s cocked
They drop the top
Me bloody me jackedt when buckin the pap pap
No need of a word when you served
You heard it when i clacked that gat back
Runnin with gats and bats
So nigga dont test RIP
Cuz youll get a peeled cap
Pap pap that dome
Better check that temple when a nigga done got that skull cracked
Lil RIP done grown up
The bigger the nigga, the quicker get showed up
Lets swerve to the bird
Hit up a hold up, so many bodies me blown up
Nuts, bucks, and guts
Niggas mistaking they balls for dogs
All niggas will get mauled
Come find em, pick up a pole and flip on all yall
And I’ll never hold up
Especially when I’m rosed out
Better bring your click
Them guns run, roll out or get blown out
You dont….wanna get nutty cuz nigga you gon get bloody
Once you see the braids and skully
Cover that throat, when i cut it up, somethin lovely
The thug i be, me
Smuggin up in the Land, buckin niggas and
Pumpin me slugs up in the man, the man…

[Verse 4: Krayzie Bone]
Im runnin the graveyard shift
Now lemme get down for my crime
Gotta go purchase a dime
Smoke on some reefah to ease up my mind
And pullin the stick to get down for the crime
Swig on some wine
Slip on the Glock wit me rocks me ready to serve them dummies see
Gotta buck em on down if they come back talkin like
Gimme back me mony
Thuggin wit me killas
Need us a liter of liquor, but niggas ain’t got shit
Wit a sawed off pump chrome 38 pistol, now who ready to get bent
Nigga like me fiendin for them green leaves
But i ain’t got no doe
Gotta make some money so me making me dummy rocks
Choppin up soap
Split em up, get em up, hit em off the block
Put a hand pullin on each loaded barrel
Cuz a fiend might trip when he hit the shit and flip
Finna see this ain’t yayo
But nigga dont come back
You might get a peeled cap
Or maybe concussion from niggas stompin that ass to the curb
Oh nigga, its like that
Niggas, drug dealers peelin killers soft
That sawed-off so
Come and let your nuts hang
If you thug gotta cut them balls off though
So nigga respect this
Or you’re gonna rest bitch
Off in the grave and your brain’ll be hangin
From swangin with my gang and
Nigga dont want no problems
But then if you wants to cause it
A 9 milimeter, sawed-off, a .380 tech nine comin out of me closet

[Verse 5: Layzie Bone]
My nigga, just call it a raid
Putting your shit to the pave
Finna go meeting gauge
Live in the Land of the brave, craze, dazed
Gotta blaze the maze and never did phase bone
My thugster brothers ruggish never did take no loss and
Putting niggas in the coffin
You’re dearly departed, better off and
Senseless killers, Sawed-off haulin off the best of niggas
And i put to rest them niggas
Flesh’ll test, and i flex on niggas
Mr. RIP get clip, come and rippin em with the pistol grip
And if them trip feel the bone, now watch me get fatal with flim
Now come to the teacher
More creature cuz i never did love ya
Motherfuck that buster
Number one with the gun gotta stay above ya
Fuck wit a thug, a nigga get drug
You feelin the stiff from a 38 slug man
Lemme see you hang, swang, bang to them brains
Chain gang
So a nigga remain insane, maintaining that steady buzz
You feel the stress, test the best
Now nigga what
Nuts up in a them guts
Trust that i bust them slugs up
Runnin up rappin that big shit
Ending up getting your wig split
Bitch, dumped in a ditch
Never knew no one could fuck wit the bone, its on
And show the double Glock is where the thugstas roam, its on
So trick that buster, listen
Better check your ammunition
Bones’ shit be hittin, no competition, leavin em pinched in…