Bad Dream (Featuring Iyaz)

(I know you’re a monster)
I had a real bad dream last night
Or at least I thought it was a bad dream
But then when I woke up and I saw was laying next to you
I realized it was a bad dream come true

I think I’m living in a nightmare
And you the villain so I think I’m Captain Save A Hoe
Don’t think you right ma’am
Don’t think you loyal like you claim to be
I can’t do it
I don’t need no obligations
Complications I’ve been through it
Don’t have patience for your fakeness
Bitch stop faking
Stay true to it
Fake hoes
They so foolish
They hoes
Exactly what you is
She my Billy Jean bitch beat it
She phony and conceded
I don’t need it
And a girl be for some other nigga
run the game on the sucka nigga
Cause I’ma learn ya
I ain’t fuckin’ with ya
I rather talk to myself
I rather walk by myself

I had a bad dream last night
You were standing in a different light
When I touch my eyes to wake up
They were opened all along
Now I’m shaked up
Bad dream
Bad dream

I didn’t find her in the black book
Found her in the back page
How the fuck she ever think that she was in my rat race
You little coke head slut hey
Eat dick you can stab me in the back after that lil’ bitch
And I thought of
And all that little talk about a bitch I oughta make you a reality show
Now I’ma start her off with somethin’ to drink
And let me get this lil’ bitch a lil’ suck on my thing
I’d rather talk to myself
I’d rather walk by myself
And I really wanna call
I really wanna help
But really what I thought
Was only what I felt yeah
And now there’s one side
And so I decided
The shit was too much pressure
Before it even gets violent
I know my level
Before a stupid bitch tries it
I blame the Devil
Before I let you be my tyrant