It’s The Life
Bone Thug

We just tryin’ to fly through the sky, come lets float
We tryin’ to stay high, rise way higher than most

Step in the party I’m tryin’ to get me some liquor in me
I got the feeling that I’m finna go over my limit
And never underestimate me cause I got it in me
I know how high I can go
I used to get it started after sundown
Forget about my problems ’til the sunrise
And let me live the life at least one time
I’m like how I high can flow
I got money in the bank
So I can still get high
You keep thankin’ what you thank
Cause I’m gon’ pop this bottle
You keep drankin’ what you drank
I got a little bit of weed though
It’s medicated so it’s legal
So we can creep
Sneak out back
Roll up
Blow that sack
Sack of fire

I need me edibles
So I put them on the plane next to my cookies and partied at another show
Another level
Crank the radio
The sentinels
Pass the dutchie on the left hand general
Like heavy metalist
Music I bet that woo their minds
These are the signs of time
The wage is when you drop dimes
It’s contagious
The way keep a who wop nine
Now get your moola
It’s on mine is to not find
I get to crew up
They stronger than a do not sign
Fried on friday
High on the goddamn highway
You don’t wanna see me shine
Eyes on my day
My mind my way
Slide your pennies to the side in my flyway
I’m elevating
For levitation
I’ve been takin’ over imitation in my
In my mind