Cocaine Love (Featuring Bun B & Jesse Rankins)

You better never take the panties off this bitch
She’s a blind man’s drug baby
A hustler’s nightmare
Men sell their souls for one cheap line to her
She’s known to snatch your spirit out your chest and release you to the dirt from which you come from
Son, you better never take the panties off this bitch

I take a sniff of her
She one hell of a drug
And if it’s no shame
I’m one hell of a love
You knew exactly what you do
Hurt you do if you abuse it
You’ll be eleven o’clock on news
She can be used and it’ll get me up and move
But if I love her
Nothing above her
Makes my music better in tune
It’s like when I lose it
She’s in use and I can use her
Seducin’ us
It’s in blood
Me body move her
She smells me
Have this perfume
Nobody tells me
What I can do
Sizzlin’ lovely
Like I’m gonna feel
give me some bubbly
That’s how I do

Oh, I need your love
Your cocaine love
‘Till I feel it in my bloodstream
Your cocaine love

Say man I asked her if she do it like it’s really nothing to it
A deeper type of love so you gotta be true to it
She’s my shotgun soldier
Hold me down on the highway
Hit the interstate on the regular going my way
Pretty when she’s dry but when wet she’s it’s even better
Put her in your life I swear that you’ll never forget her
Swear that you’ll never regret her but she’s cold
So bring you a sweater
She grab a hold you better keep it together
She’ll have a motherfucker feelin’ like a million bucks
But she’ll leave you high and dry
She couldn’t give a million fucks
Now you recognize you lookin’ like herself
And I sit back laughing cause I’m the bitch’s pimp

It’s the most potent love I ever had
It’s like a different dope I never had
She like two daily doses of whatever’s bad
And make me feel so good I ain’t never mad
Oh please oh please can I get just one mo hit huh?
I don’t mean to be greedy but I need me just one more fix ma
I think I’m addicted cause dog I forever be in it
A fiend to the finish
This shit is ridiculous
I’m sick with it
I need intervention
Detox to clean myself what she got
Is something else I relapse
It just keeps calling me back no matter how hard I try
These with y’all got me all offtrack but I need more
I’m coming back
I’m running back