Coming Home (Featuring Stephen Marley)

Far away
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Far away
With Stephen Marley

Soon I’ll be coming home
Been around the world like a rolling stone
See the whole world wide
Through my own eyes
Been a long time coming
A million miles
And still running
Trying to find my way back
To my roots where the true thugs lay at
And I say that
I’m trying to go home
Take me somewhere that
My mind mode is on free
And my timezone is on freeze
Everything stop
I’ma need a little bit of time to get myself together
In the meantime I turn best to better
And in-between times try to be blessed forever
I hear home calling back for me
I think it’s time I take a flight
To elevate my mind
And look at my life
And try to get right
The big lights blinding me
They bright
I been in darkness most my life
So I fight with all of my might
To make it back one day
Maybe someday
It’ll all work out someway

Sun up to sun down we gon’
Let’s catch a flight in the morn’
Promise I’ll make it back home
I’ll be back with you just one day
One day
Just give me one day
One day

Just give me one day

From the 1st of tha Month to the Ruggish Bone
Every week that Crossroads stayed on the Billboard
Baby said Wayne made up the word bling
Man I should have patented my own damn flow
Sleep on the train tracks still say it ain’t so
Kray and I never had a place we could go
Walking around wondering would we ever gon’ blow
With a gun and our heart let all the wolves know
Pop pop cop a nigga stuck like chuck
Hun-eighty-five (?) is allergic
Renegade yea but nigga what about us
Couldn’t go home it was to fucked up and our shoes fucked up
And it’s cool when it’s rough
After that now we got more than enough
New black love two shooters in the glove
Eazy upstairs and accompany me son
Try to pop a little nigga but a talented one
Word to the widow and word to E’s son
Still look young these niggas ain’t dumb
Cleveland is the city where the bone thugs come from come from come from
Never gonna run from
No I’m needin’ a earthquake sho nuff
Hold up my niggas don’t fold up

Maybe I should come back home
Bone comin’ home