Good Person (Featuring Joelle James)

Am I a good person?
Or is that something I’m telling myself to sleep at night
Please say I’m worth it
‘Cause these demons are not letting go of my crippled mind

Just sittin’ back thinkin’ while up, Hennessy is drinking, done a whole lot of livin’
I done seen many schemes
Chased plenty dreams
I had done a whole lot of sinnin’
It really make me wonder how I don’t go under
Tryin’ to stay alive and survive through this thunder storm
But what did I do
What did I do wrong?
Am I bad man?
‘Cause I tried to get the things I never had, man
Was dealt the bad hand
But I maintain my life and changed my life
Even with these cards, I play the game right
Could you please shine one of your blessings down on me?
My life is a mess
Many levels of stress
And I really could use one now

I was raised in the wrong way
Kidnapped lost in the hallway
People lookin’ for me
Got my picture in the (?) bay
Make me think it’s all about struggling
Never nothing but the vision of the tall great
All day let the brain sautée
I can sit in the pit but the niggas called me
Let me get with the clique that’ll flaunt me
Now they gone and I got the demon on me
Can’t relax just a passion of this can resign with my girl
My niggas are gonna dip
It’s back to the whip
And that’ll be the shit that make a motherfucker call a motherf-Mmmm
Gotta beat what I been through
But I wonder why
I probably wanted it to the end too
So I talk to myself
I’m learning
Am I a good person to tend to

See myself in the mirror
But it didn’t get clear
Am I still me?
Am I still here?

I’m not so weird
Yeah ain’t goin’ anywhere
I dont really care