Gravity (Featuring Yelawolf)

Pressure on me
With your love nothing brings me down
Rise above until I’m free
Let me take your feet off the ground

Why you be constantly grabbin’ at me
Stabbin’ at me like gravity
Tryin’ to trap me
Snatchin’ at me
The Devil is laughing at me
Evil happenin’
Jealousy be the reason bitches scandalous
Money’s another reason niggas savages
They want what I got
I tell them, “Not happening”
And I make sure the haters stay so far from back of me
But they always come after me
Everybody wanna pull a nigga down
They wanna live it when a nigga down
Wait but chasing this paper
ya’ll niggas fake and Krayzie’s gon’ shake ya
straight out the game
I’m tryin’ to make major
Never let a nigga never think they can fade us
Plus, I can’t feel your gravity on me cause I get way too high

Man life ain’t picture perfect
But I’m a damn good photographer
Put glass on a tilted surface half full
Yeah, I was down to crack it fall down
Lucifer’s baby got lose from the stage
I was using my rage as a tool for the slavery
What an illusion it’s crazy
I’m all in cause I’m all out of that cash
Don’t pump me up for that disco
I’m kinda pistol for your ass
Momma’s boy
Raised by the same bitch that flipped bricks in ’84
And I took lessons
what I’m expressing
Is an extension not a ploy
Not a game that suck you in
Might have been down and up again
If it ain’t nothing I can’t get down
And down with it then fuck you then
Yelawolf and I got my wings back
Got rid of a couple of things that hit me from flying
Lookin’ down at the clouds now

I release my gravity
Ever more the people mad at me
Have it be the motherfuckas of the day it’ll be
Where the lead’ll be, so scared of me
Creepin’ on a come up to get at those sleepin’
Nigga that gave them the flow in a secret
They like the government they always invading the privacy
Lied to me already peeped it peeped it
Cleveland Cleveland
Thuggin’ and thievin’
You gon’ believe in
One day I’ma get mine get mine
I’ma break even
I been live alright alive with a book
Some of us step on their neck on my foot
Know what I’m doin’ don’t get it understood
You can be mad at me that’s what you took