If Heaven Had A Cell Phone (Featuring Tank)

If Heaven really had a cell phone
I’d pick it up and hit up God and ask him
“What’s happening?”
I apologize for all of this madness
Speaking on behalf of all of my family
World so crazy
Everybody angry
Thinkin’ you deserted everybody sayin’ you ain’t here
I be tryin’ to tell them you be always on the level
World ran but the Devil
I’ll be yellin’ but they can’t hear
Everything mixed up
Need to be fixed up
And all the politicians say they got the answers
But every time they vote them in it didn’t matter
Cause then it show them once again it don’t matter
I just wanna let you know people tryin’ to (?)
I already know you know it even though we may not show it
But can you tell me what am I to do when everybody is pursuing all this wickedness you said we shouldn’t do it

I wish heaven had a cell phone
Wanna hear your voice
And what I wouldn’t give to hear your voice again

Well I walked in Crossroads
Gonna miss everybody
I got my eye on the sparrows
If Heaven had a cell phone
I would call Lil’ Eazy like “How you get in with a EL-PRO?”
Hell no
Tell him “Hey don’t get in the car”
My guardian angel you know we gonna be there and all
It’s too many levels to leave a nigga dead in the door
Beloved open up another one it’s white and it’s pure
Heaven had a cell phone
Take Kray take Wish take Flesh make sure my L go
Been a hell of a road
They gonn’ remember the Bone
Until the end of the world and rebirth
No not again no
Heaven had a cell phone
How many of us would get the dial tone
Would they leave us without forgiving our wrongs
Would they give us a chance when hearing our songs
If heaven had a cell phone

I will call you up to hear you one more time
I will call you up ’cause you stay on my mind
I will call you up to see if you’re alright
If Heaven had a cell phone