That Girl (Featuring Kaci Brown)

A girl like you in a world like this
A nigga gotta admit she don’t even exist
‘Cause she the kind of woman that’s often hard to compare
She one of a kind
The kind you find very rare very rare
She be always standing right there by my side
The type that make me feel like I’m alive
So I love her
Put nothing else but God above her
Next to my mother
But I’m tellin’ you my nigga that’s it
There’s nothing other

She very independent but she know I know she need me
Please believe she really the only reason
A nigga still breathing but now you leaving
Feel like I’m losing my breath
My heart beating slow
We had everything but we let it go
But I just don’t know why we did that
Now I’m sittin’ in the dark all alone
And I’m tryin’ to figure out how I can get back to ya

I miss our world
For a moment a perfect world
Fate decided we divided and now we can’t return
I’ll miss our world
We had a perfect world for a moment
And I was I was your girl

I can hardly even trust anybody
That’s how it is and I ain’t sorry
I was sittin’ at the bar drinkin’ Henny at the party
It was all in my mind
I’m from the land of the heartless
Couldn’t give it a second
I think I better go
When you beefin’ for nothin’ and need somebody to beef with
Somebody to grief with
It’s good
Some people can’t handle alone
And some can
Some people can handle the lust
And some should