Waves (Featuring Layzie Bone, Wish Bone & Flesh-N-Bone)

Let’s just sit back and do nothing at all
Let’s just smoke to the good life
Can we sit back and do nothing at all
Can we smoke to the good life

I love this new wave that we on right now
Can we vibe
Can we vibe

And we smoke (and we smoke)
So let’s blaze (do that thang)
And we toast (and we toke)
To that jay (to that tray)
We take shots (we take shots)
We true Kings (Lebron James)
We don’t care (we don’t care)
What you think (what you think)

I’ve been away but I’m gonna stay
I’m gonna stay
So can you stop fuckin’ with me
Stop fuckin’ with me

Lil’ Layzie feelin’ all so wavy
Mindin’ my business as I ride for this daily
I ain’t got time to recline that don’t pay me
I feel my mind is a grind for my babies
Roll it up
Smoke it up
You can feel it as I hit it like I rip it from the bong
Never trippin’ on my zone
When I’m dippin’ on my chrome
Represent the Bone strong all life long
Gimme the time I can plot a new come up
One of a kind you can watch but don’t run up
Know I’m gon’ shine just like the sun come up
No regrets no apologies
Living through my melody-ologies
Corner the market like a Monopoly
Give me a break with your hypocrisy

All with the ones that I back for
Ones that I act for
One moment and I gotta go back y’all
I could be any King again but it’s one I got there waiting at the back door
Pack all your dough
Roll with Bone
And it’s on it’s on
Well they click that chrome
And we go, we are, we home
Smokin’ smokin’ smokin’
Ready for the war when the war break open
For the moment frozen Bone in
Car full of ecstasy we rollin’
Henny and Coke
And I’m cloaking
Toast to the ocean
Hopin’ this marijuana get me through all the culture

I’m so high
I’m so high
Puff with my day one thugs
It’s alright
Get your high
Fuck it
All the way up
I’m leanin’ and leanin’
My high to the ceiling
I’m so gone
It’s too strong
Nigga that’s Bone

Since y’all wanna have us a party
Then go ahead and pass that drink around
Here’s some Henn and you can have you some Bacardi
Tell them hoes over there man it’s going down
Tell the thots get their high tails over here now
They with it
We with it
Let’s get it
Don’t hold up
Pour me a drank up
Baby roll me some dank up
Hurry up and let’s smoke up