Look Into My Eyes

We thuggish ruggish niggas always
And ready to bring the war if you hate

Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me
Would you look into my eyes
Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me
Could you tell me what you see

Comin’ through the door with my militia
Why do they bring big niggas
Fuck y’all
But they ain’t no bodyguards
My niggas is stone cold killas peelas
Dippin’ out the limos and bitch
I’ll just maintain
Givin’ my babies all of my money
But my diamonds steady be shinin’
My gang you know me
Homies got mo’ love
And I’m blessed with all of my senses
Pump my fist to Mo Thug
Gotta keep the Lord up over my shoulders
Jesus sent me his roller loco sober
Load a revolver hold up now
Buck ’em all to Hell ’cause I’m showin’ ’em
And I seen that the bullet holes was too much
No luck ya get blowed up
All of you niggas go ask the surgeons
Say that your body can not be sewed up
Hold up and wait a minute
It’s time for Bone Thugs
‘Cause y’all think that you can really hate

What makes a nigga think
He can bite my shit and call his shit original
What’s worse tellin’ people you made the style
We put down three fuckin’ years ago
And that’s just like a nigga wanna take all the credit
I bet it didn’t even occur
That we would eventually meet with ya
And don’t crash collide
Lock up with the enemy
And I don’t wanna say a nigga’s name and all that
But a y’all fin to get stomped.
Let ’em loose
And they heard the news, ya run up, ya could get dead
Oh uh-huh
Hey we murder muthafuckas in a deadly way
Fully automatic when we let ’em lay
Aw shit get down Leatherface
Fuck ’em all if I can’t get my respect
Come on now put them to rest
What a bloody bloody mess
But nevertheless we won’t stress
I figured this platinum got you actin’ like you got to be me
It’s all in your mind
But in time you’ll find we as real as we speak

All I see is a souljah
Pistol in holster
Givin’ you the most
I toast to them thugs
Nigga nothin’ but the love of bud that we brought to the table
And a nigga wanna test catch slugs
Put ’em in the mud
Harmony smooth with the thug shit
Mo murda to the fools that clone
Five niggas loc’d out with the roughness
Nigga and it’s war when you craft these Bones
We can get it on
And I’m referrin’ to all of y’all bitches Y’all know who y’all are when y’all tried that
Rollin’ with the E since ninety-three
Shuttin’ shit down in the industry
Nigga can you bite that
I know
Y’all niggas wanna roll with pros
And make friend of foes
But we chosen
God done blessed us with His potion
Pure devotion
Freely spoken baby
Niggas can’t see us never
Stay together
My clique too clever
Ridin’ through the days of the stormy weather
Remember eternal
It means forever lastin’
#1 Assassin blastin’
Bashin’ on all you niggas’s what I’m doin’ All of the heavens gonna be rulin’trues
When He come we won’t be losin’
Provin’ ’em wrong

I see five killa realer niggas ready to roll wherever I go
True to pull the trigger
Smother a nigga
Put ’em in a river
We the killas and that’s fo’ sho
Niggas out there clownin’ mine
You can’t rhyme
The style you got is all mine
And when I see you bitch
I’m goin’ in your pockets double-time
And it’s like that
You don’t want that
Come and get some pap pap
Wanna sound like
Wanna be like
Nigga we can’t have that
Why a nigga wanna bite the Bone shit Platinum raps
Nigga bet that bitin’ shit ain’t doin’ nothin’
Tryin’ to make somethin’ outta nothin’
Fuck it let’s peel caps
Buck ’em all down
Put ’em in check
Fuck ’em up with the 44 mag
I’m glad
‘Cause when you’re fuckin’ with Bone
We sendin’ ’em home in a bodybag
Now look into my eyes
Bet you see
Arealer killa thug puttin’ it down
With harmony