Neighborhood Slang

One-eighty-seven is a lesson for them niggas that want to test
Bring more than one ’cause me shotgun’ll be buckin’ your chest
Wanna be Mo Thug thugsta mentality runs through the Bone
Pop pop to the dome
Fall short to the chrome
Gift wrap that bitch ass home
Much love for the green leaves
But me trues have to ease me down
Puff puff head rush
Poppin’ in me clip and I got plenty rounds
Me no pretender
No studio thugsta
Bone’ll get with ya
And if me miss ya
Strate, Number 1, and the Ripsta
Swing watch ’em hit ya
So we can swang
Down for me thang
Feel the blow to the brain
Thought you could hang
when I swang them thangs
That’s insane
Stay low
Them po-pos they no me no surrender
Them niggas on the street they remember Bone is being no pretender
Standin’ up on the block 9 millimeter cocked in me hand
And me got me niggas lookin’ after me back
And them watch
Let them rott
You know it’s nothin’ but the neighborhood thang
It’s mandatory for me neighborhood slang