I been stuck in the struggle
And I been wonderin’ if I’m ever gon’ bubble
I’m gettin’ caught up in the tussle
Instead of usin’ my muscle
When every time I extend my heart to my mother
Caught up in the game now I’m back up in the hustle
Sometimes I sit and I wonder
If a nigga pull my number
If it wasn’t for the Bone Thug fam’
In this world where nobody don’t give a damn
But I’m still a man
Got a soul program
I’ma pump my fist
I’m stayin’ ready for this
And you can put this on Wish
I never see the abyss
And when I needed a ride
You wouldn’t give me a lift
And now I’m poppin’ my Cris
You niggas all on my dick
I want to change the world
You want to change your life
I wouldn’t have put up a fight
If I knew it was trite
They say everything happen for a reason
Can you tell me why these niggas bleedin’
Needin’ general assistance
Out here needin’ public housing
Out here trying to make ends meet
Tryin’ to get on their feet
But see our brains so cloudy
And I know what you don’t know
You better get on your mission and get down for your dough
See the real niggas ready out here takin’ control
See I’m screamin’ out Mo’
With my pockets on swoll
Please Mr. Postman
quit bringin’ these bills to my house
Quit bringin’ this stress to my spouse
Casuse I’m ready for the kill on look out look out
If you niggas try to run up on the Bone
I’ma show you like this I’m a pull out my chrome
I don’t want to have to send a nigga home
Lord please take me home
Come and take me home

So take
Take me home
‘Cause I don’t remember

Please take me home
When I’m lookin’ at my money now
Thinkin’ back to when i was livin foul
I was runnin’ wild
Hustlin’ nine-to-five
And even puttin’ overtime if I had to grind
I was stayin’ up slangin’ up hangin’ up on the block
Duckin’ the cops clocked doin’ night-shift
Didn’t think I’d ever make it out out out of the ghetto
But we finally made it
Stay dedicated to the music we made yeah
Now it’s on Bone Thug
Leavin’ home came back the next year
Number one platinum song we blew up from the go
And what do you know
Eazy, rest his soul
Left us in the mess, I don’t regret it
But we better get up and get it go
Everything’s gon’ wrong
Especially Bone it never been right
I knew it would of been on
We would of been tight
We would of been in the zone
Ridin’ so high
Up in the game five thugs live
See we used to love makin’ music
We was always in the studio
We kept it movin’
We was ready to do it right
But you know I’m goin’ through it
And ain’t feelin this rap thing right now
They got me trippin’ ready to flip
They got me trippin’ ready to come get my chips
They got me trippin’ loadin’ the clip
They trippin’
Lord I feel like I’m losin’ it right now
Right now

I’ll never give in
I’ll never give up
I’ll let ’em live in
They sinnin’
They pretend to be tough
Pretend to be tough
Pretend to be blessed
They want money and women
It’s never enough
They in a rush hope nobody knows just too much
You better be good, you know up in the hood it’s so, we give ’em the dough
Ride out, laughin’ up
When niggas died, niggas brought around nasty junk
And to the grave, I been one of the brave
Not one of the slaves
And one in the pain
And I’ll be one of the same
Stay hatin’ the fake
By the television runnin’ ’round telling niggas we better behave
Guard Leathface and the grin right up under my face
I steady debate the pain that I bring with hate
Sweet as the cake, I take another puff and shake
The smell of right it’s all about guarding, guard the weak
Lost mommy
poppy left home
I miss Wish Uncle Charlie
Sit list in the back tellin’ his selection
His date is probably
Probably my mind in the zone
Cryin’ for the life of you
Just me and my destiny let’s roll
Let’s roll

When I lost my Uncle Charlie
Part of me went wrong
And it happened when the Bone was comin’ up so strong
We just wanted him to see what we do
You motivated us at the shows we seek you
And I really hope you live through what we spit on the song
You might have through somethin’ hopin’ nothin’ like Bone
Like one said we’ll never make it
Like two thirty mil in they faces
And I really hope those already left crossed over
Back to the hood we souljahs
The music nigga make us act scandalous
But faith kicked in and award shows that we winnin’ now
Gotta keep it comin’ food in my baby’s mouth
And things have changed like relationships
Ain’t did nothin’ now you want to flip
Suin’ me for things you would’ve never made on your own
Now I want to stay watch thug niggas leave the hood
Bye think I’m home
Stick in the hood
Mess with scrubs
It’ll all be gone
You can really help a buster if it ain’t meant to be
With a little ooh wee
With a little ooh wee
I’m tired of tryin’ to help these thugs
Lord just guide em’ home
Guide ’em home