Headhunters on the loose

Another murda track
A nigga back on the run
That’s why I never leave the flat without packing a gun
I keep a rhythm in the holster
The lyrics in the chamber
So step a little closer
Approach the danger
Never seen a nigga kill a nigga with a rhythm like me
And I’m likely to do it Spike Lee and do the right thing
Or do the wrong thing
I’m a headhunter
Cut up the dome man
Lyrical genius with a physical leanness
Don’t you think you can lean on me
Really I mean this
I’m hotter than Phoenix
And on this microphone
You can label me a killer just like Capone
I spit a grimy tone and make a nigga wanna ride a song
And make the girlfriends fly off their clothes
Because they know I got the flossy flow
I tell them I’m outta control
If they ain’t know I tell them I am the GOAT
Living legend
The ultimate leverage
I make a nigga think before he think about stepping to a seasoned veteran
So heed the message
Because I’ll be pleased to proceed with the death wish
Get a nine
Nigga look into my eyes
I’ma be here
I was way before my time
So I’m the leader
Nigga I’m a felony crime
You a misdemeanor
Try but you can never be us
We kill them all
No prisoners
Keep a hitlist
Better hope I didn’t list ya
Mister Leathaface the cream of the crop
Fuck what they saying I’m the king of the block
Self proclaimed niggas they really need to stop
Before we hit them with the redrum
Pussy bleed clot
Bleed lots
And I already made a decision to kill off all competition
No opposition
We gonna send them to the fire
So come on any of you niggas want it
I never got old
I got better
I never got cold
I got fed up
Not really into selling my soul
So I let up and whatever don’t wet up
Still down to get up and ready to tear some shit up
We hungry we anxious we thirsty
Headhunters on the loose finna hunt you down

I never met a competitor
I get on the competition from the start
On the regular
No matter who you are
You a star?
Ain’t no care to us
You can come and get it if you’re feeling like you’re man enough
Think you got a stamina
the flow of a nigga colder than Canada
Out of control like an animal
They tell me I’m a cannibal
So hot that a nigga spit fire like a flammable
To make it understandable
Better lay low
Until I give you further notice nigga stay low
Cuz I’m headhunting niggas with the Kray flow
Yo so I’ma give a nigga what he pay for
What other nigga you know created a sound and made it a style
Some original nigga just came and shut the game down
Stretching opposition up by the jugular
Tell them if they ever try to see me I’ll murder ya
Heard of another nigga like me? Nope I doubt it
Feeling like Master P
‘Cause I’m bout it
Can’t nobody ever see the flow
I shout it
My skills do the talking
And they always the loudest
Niggas always bark never bite cuz they cowards
Go tell them niggas get up off the block cuz its ours
I’m warning ya
Headhunters on the loose finna hunt you down