Vanilla Lights

Look up and tell your nonbelievers they can meet you in the sky
Then you get up and go fly
And go so high
Nobody can ever bring you down not even gravity
It’s all in your mind
So I’ma keep rising up to the top
Stick to the grind
It’s never gon’ stop
I’m sick with the rhyme
It’s all a nigga got
I’m moving against time
The time I don’t got
Gotta make mine pop
And I do it with divine devotion
When I strategize
Put the design in motion
Get it organized
It’s like I’m blindly focused and a hater can’t break my stride
So the lights stay shine as I take flight
Get it early in the morning and then I break night
Living my life I can never take light
And all of my wrongs I can never make right
So a nigga just breezin’ breezin’ breezin’

I’m free as a dove
My life is a drug
I’m gazing the stars
They don’t look very far to me
Now I believe they shining for me
Vanilla lights shining bright separates my prize
Come take me to the sky
I will do anything I can envision

Stick to the plan
Get next to the man
With the checks in his hand
Get away from the rest of em man
Do the best you can
To keep them shady niggas outta your realm
Never gon’ win when the team can’t see your dream
Don’t wanna be the indians, they wanna be chiefs
You wanna make cheese cuz you can’t spend these
So leave them niggas in the street, peace
Get away from me dawg, the negative vibe’s contagious
Like y’all niggas got rabies, it amaze me
Cuz everybody gon’ crazy, sounding like Kray
But they never gon’ fade me, I can put that on my mama
I kill ’em no matter the genre
Niggas gon’ honor me, as if I was your father
But I don’t even wanna be bothered
I’ma keep breezin’ breezin’ breezin’

Ain’t nobody stopping me from doing what I’m doing
I maneuver like a ghost and I flow right through em
When I flow like fluid
Then I blow like stupid
And it’s all so fluent when i go so torrid
Wanna get a little bit of this well come and get a little fix
And let me put you in the mix and let me get you niggas hip so you never do forget
I’m the nigga that you called up
And they all up in the twist
Finna flip the script
Then I hit em like a lyrical storm, full of subliminal poems
It’s Kray Jack in the original form
And competition, they get sent to the morgue
And they can all exist no more
I’m a rider
twenty four seven the grinder
I’m simply tryin’ to survive
Stay alive and shine in these vanilla lights