Sad Song

Shit I’ve been a thug my whole muthafuckin’ life
Strugglin’, doin’ what the fuck I got to do to survive
Bottom line

You see me on TV but you don’t really know me
Don’t know the story of the warrior
And how I survived in this game
Nigga never had shit
Had to work to get it
Or I had to steal it
Most of the time I was hungry
That’s why I did it
And I ain’t bullshittin’
I’m leavin’ the house
I need my own
Nigga done tried to be grown
And fucked around
And now I’m homeless on the streets with my niggas
I learned about every drug
The heroin
The weed
The speed
The crack
The sherm
But we was broke and couldn’t afford it
But niggas was schemin’ and plottin’ on shit
Oh yes you know this
I come from a long line of thugs
Us strugglers
Hustle what we can rustle up
It might not have been too much
But we always got just enough
Hard times kept niggas together through all the windy weather
And nigga whenever you need somebody to roll I’m gon’ be there
You know me
A nigga stay thug-devoted in the streets
When I didn’t have a place to sleep or shit to eat
My family goin’ through some pains
They struggle but they make it
My people off the hinges
And it was against our religion as a Witness
So you know I really can’t comprehend that
My mother and father told me, “Don’t mess with drugs”
Then why you smokin’?
Now what’s right or wrong?
Can’t understand it
If the purpose was to have a nigga struggle
I don’t think they should’ve had me
Think they should’ve had me
As I drop to my knees can’t you see I ain’t happy

I hope it won’t be long
Before I end this song
I hope it won’t be long
I need to end this song
This sad song