Thug Mentality

T-H-U-G we be
That’s thug mentality
We thuggin’
It’s the way I choose to live my life
T-H-U-G, we be
That’s thug mentality
We thuggin
Thuggin’ ’til the day I die

I been runnin’ everywhere it be the same song
Niggas struggle daily
Gotta survive
It’s worldwide
Even niggas in Paris and London be hustlin’
Doin’ whatever to get the money
Nigga now the whole world be filled with thugs
But you gotta keep it real if you wanna make it through it and live
And makin’ dough to save your kids
Gotta handle your business
Gotta get in it to win it
And then you gotta get up on it hit it
And that’s real really
My thugs feel me put your fist up in the air yeah
Nigga come in to the war
And I’m a meet you niggas there
Ready to rumble, and I swear
We comin’ from everywhere
Where my thugs at
Where they at
Fuck that
Nigga let’s do in the enemy now
Eliminate ’em
Takin’ out the frustrations
On the world
Get ’em back for the playa hation
So come on we gotta roll
You with me
They ain’t ready for the war
Rob the rich take some give the rest to the poor
We in total control
Make ’em feel the pain in 2-double O-O
It’s the end of the road
So what you gonna do
I’m a ride, you can die if you want to
But all them real souljahs come on move
Get your suits on
Boots on
Keep troopin’ on
That’s what we be
Across the nation
Pump your fist and get ready for this occasion
Nigga better fade ’em
I wanna see victory
Y’all niggas better roll with this
‘Cause we splittin’ ’em
Fuck that
We win

Be a thug if you wanna be a thug
Be a thug if you got to
Throw it up
Keep it in the air
Screamin’ out “Thug!”
Thuggin’ ’til the day I die
When I’m high
If you look into my eyes
You’ll truly find
No kind like I’m
Gotta control both sides
My Lordy Lord maintain
Hard ’cause I’m a soldier at war
Steady runnin’ with the weapon
‘Cause it still ain’t gettin’ better
I figured it out
It’s all good
If it ain’t, then it ain’t right
Come on if you wanna feel the thug love
And it’s real
We got the real thing baby
Hot heat to burn ya
Learn ya
Stay outta here if it don’t concern ya
But shit if you want it
You got it
We bring it
It don’t stop
We gon’ pop shots still to the double-glock-glock
Never takin’ no shorts no losses man
Yes these days are still the same
Like gotta make that money man
Gotta get down for my thang
And I do it so smooth
When I’m stalkin’ gat fools
Walkin’ jack moves
Keepin’ ’em on the run with me shotgun
Bottom line it’s on
Y’all can’t fuck with the thuggish
Bone Bone Bone Bone
That’s thug mentality

Where my Detroit Thugs
Cincinnati Thugs
Where my Columbus Thugs
My Chicago Thugs
Where the fuck my New York Thugs
Where the fuck my Texas Thugs
My Kansas City Thugs
Where my Milwaukee Thugs
My Colorado Thugs
Where my St. Louis Thugs
Where my Atlanta Thugs
My Alabama Thugs
My New Orleans Thugs
Where my Miami Thugs
Where my Jamaican Thugs
My California Thugs
My Arizona Thugs
My New Mexico Thugs
My Puerto Rico Thugs

In the house