Rest In Peace (Skit)

Hey, what’s goin’ on, T-Rock?

Original Version

Hey, what’s goin’ on, T-Rock? Just wanted to say, um, man, just wanted to let you know that we just finished your shit today. Man, felt funny for me to, you know, get this stuff completed. But uh, we had to do it ’cause we know that’s what you wanted, man. You know the fellas, they dedicated they whole tour to you, man. I know that you would’ve been happy about that. You know? Heh. Man, I been talkin’ to Sin lately, man, you know he a strong souljah, man. He holdin’ up real good. Your girl, yeah she doin’ alright. She doin’ cool. She handlin’ her stuff, man, with the kids. It’s aight, man. Just wanted to say, man, that um, I hope now that you can rest in peace. That your mind is at ease, and that your soul is where it’s supposed to be. Rest in peace, my lil’ nigga, T-Rock. Tombstone. Paul Anthony O’Neil. Peace, I love you, man.