Gold Featuring Layzie Bone, Tee, Menensky, Quaz, Scant Bone – “Free Your Mind”

Man Reg I don’t know if I can this shit anymore man
Finna go holla at God playa
I gotta do this man
I don’t know if I can do take physical shit man
(What you talkin’ ’bout man?)
Gotta go holla at God playa
(Not ’til you high man)
It’s time to do this man
It’s time to do this
(What you talkin’ ’bout?)

Takin’ all yall lives
Tired of livin’ this way
Days are shorter
Nights are colder
Shit gets rough but when you’re older
Walk your life without a roller
Got this world on ya shoulders
Lay tell me why is it like this
Nobody cares or what
Heard my partner blow they brains out
Tryin’ to find God
Holy wars light ya heart
Valley dry left for bones dead gone
Dropped at blown point hittin’ on the stone
Where did he go wrong?
I don’t know
He just let it go
Life is 5%
Livin’ in 95% is sho
Here fo sho
Chasin’ dope
24 until ya go
Race with time
Front line
Let my shorties know I tried each ya
Daddy always loved ya but this world got me twisted
See my homies died at Vietnam
Lord is ya listenin
Free my seige from this curse
That ya put up on this Earth
Weed and Hennessy’s my blood line
Livin’ a life of crime
Doin’ time cuz I’m black scandalous
Thats why I pack the nine
Nothin’ to lose cuz the rules don’t apply for me and you
Got Mo Thugs caged up in the Cleveland city zoo
All the weed on this Earth couldn’t free my mind Duke

Yeah woke up mad as fuck
Ready to heat the world up
Gotta free my mind
Hollow points cuz I’m buckin down
Ain’t got no job
I’m forced to rob
Gotta get my cash
Menensky ready to smash
Mo Thug to the day that I die
What niggas always stay high
Never woke-est on the Loc-est nigga in the crew
Mo Thug takin’ over from the north to the west
(What you niggas wouldn’t do)
My niggas from watchin’ me to stop
Cuz I’ma stay heated and weeded at all times
On the grind
Gotta push my nine
Goin’ out my mind

Sometimes you need some weed to let your mind be free
The problems of the day got you killin’ for a G
And the youngstas of the day sippin fifths of Hennessy
It’s my life, not your life, so let mines be
We all gon’ die so let me live my life please

Well I’m livin’ my life the best way I can man
I heard everybody tryin’ to get what they can get and shit
And that’s livin’ they life
And hopin’ everything be alright
And that’s a no-no
It’s not comin’ that easy
So lets get down and dirty
The man’s not waiting for us
And trust he will reveal the meaning
We can tell he’s lying
And trying to do us
And screw us
But no Scant ain’t takin no mo’
Cuz Scant ain’t takin’ no mo’
Scant ain’t takin’ no mo’
Fa sho

By words and by deeds
Mo Thug come to claim a place in history
In the time when our race is common place
The Pyramid of Eternal Thugs stand firm
Now it’s time for you erase
Your perfect state of mind
If you think Mo Thug will stand the test of time
Black mothers and fathers
It’s time to teach your kids
To grow up and have bigger aspirations than you did
Now follow me to the land of thugs
Take it to the streets with a Bible
With nothin’ but thug disciples
Stronger than the AK rifle
Clear your mind from demons to all my niggas locked up in the prison pod
Cuz the things you think are trials are not
Are really a test from God

Free your mind
Better get your life right with the Lord cause we done partied overtime
Free your mind
Time is tickin’ as we speak so I just figured I’d drop you a line
Could it be on the race against the clock
Top notch bein’ dropped
Lil nigga from the Glock
And when I turn General
Criminal minded
Livin’ lifetime til the law stop
Nigga peep the plot
Everybody on the money thang pity
It ain’t even no morals
Livin’ in the land of the heart fo’ sure
Cuz I gotta get mine and you gotta get yours
Lets even the score free my mind
We be them stars that never shine
Underestimated like I’m blind
But I bet you I pass my test of time
And I got my — I got my souljahs with me
And I know this really ain’t how its supposed to be
So I keep my pistol close to me
Who the host’ll be? Mo Thug
We souljahs to the front
Smokin’ on blunts
It’s the first of the month
Its over and done and done
99 outta 100 times
I’m succeedin’
Smokin’ weed n’ rechiefin’
Livin on the deep end
Creepin’ swisha sweetin’
And I’ma smoke my weed
Set my mind free
My mind free
While keepin’ all these haters right behind me
Tryin’ to blind me