Flesh-N-Bone Flesh-N-Bone Gives Bill Cosby Prison Survival Tips

Flesh-n-Bone to Bill Cosby Surviving Prison 101 … Get Your Pudding Pop Jokes Ready!!

Flesh-n-Bone says Bill Cosby better sharpen up his checkers game, and his stand-up comedy … if he wants to make it through the next 3 to 10 years.

We got the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Thursday at LAX and wanted to know, from a celebrity’s perspective, if doing hard time is … well, hard. Flesh scoffed at first, telling us it wasn’t too tough for him — he did 8 years for assault with a deadly weapon and a probation violation.

But, he admitted Cosby’s rape conviction could make life on the inside harder for him. Flesh’s survival tip for the disgraced comedian is be funny, as in … lean on those pudding jokes early. You gotta watch Flesh’s reaction when we tell him Cosby actually got Jell-O his first day behind bars.

More than anything, Flesh says Cosby’s gonna have to deal with a ton of downtime — and he’s got some prison gaming suggestions for him.


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