WordPress Developer (Burbank, CA)

WordPress Developer
Duration: 6 month contract to permanent

We are looking for developers who can develop rich responsive WordPress themes to support all of the content on the website. This position is for 6 months, with the possibility of extension or permanent employment pending 6-month review.

Requirements: Must be proficient with HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, WordPress platform.

To apply, submit CV, resume, and sample code of previous work to jobs@btnhlegacy.com with the subject “WordPress Developer (Burbank, CA)”

Reference ID: BUR-WPD-032019

Social Network Correspondents (Burbank/Los Angeles, CA)

BTNHLegacy.com is looking for candidates to manage its social media accounts and create original BTNH-themed content and interact with fans online and offline. Social Network Correspondents will be issued an iPad Pro to create content on location and will not be confined to office space.

Requirements: Must be familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WordPress, among other platforms. Must be proficient with Adobe CC software, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

To apply, send a CV and resume to jobs@btnhlegacy.com with subject “Social Network Correspondents (Burbank/Los Angeles, CA)”

Reference ID: BURLA-SNC-032019

2019 BTNHLegacy.com Hiring

Welcome to the jobs section at BTNHLegacy.com. We are always looking for wide variety of individuals who bring something different to the team. For 2019, we are looking to fulfill a number of different positions, from designers to programmers, to audio engineers. If we want it on BTNHLegacy.com, there will be a job posting for it.

Keep checking back for new postings, and how to apply. We will provide more details soon. Thanks again for your interest in working at BTNHLegacy.com!