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Review: Krayzie Bone “QuickFix: Level 2: Music’s The Medicine”

Krayzie Bone’s newest release in the QuickFix series compiles 31 minutes of the same Krayzie Bone we’ve come to known in recent years. From frauds and haters who can meet him in the sky, or don’t want to see him shine, to facing no competition to his throne at the top of the rap game.

Krayzie Bone has always been a fan favorite, whether it’s the rapid-fire delivery, or the melodic hooks. This album just showcases a more mature Krayzie Bone. One who has learned from his past, and wants to do better in life. Strive to do better every day. This album is just a quick journey through the mind of Krayzie Bone learning, evolving, and becoming a better person.

Krayzie Bone “All That I’ve Learned”

While this album is fairly short (coming in at 31 minutes), he has used the “QuickFix” series to give fans something to tie over in between projects. Music is music, and any time they release music is a great day for any Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fan. But “Music’s The Medicine” leaves me needing something stronger from Krayzie Bone.

3 out of 5 Bones
Final Score: 3/5 Bones

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